Chinese-Japanese media indicate the true 'US' origin of the 'coronary virus'

Studies have shown that a new species of corona virus originated elsewhere. But began to spread after being brought to the fresh market in Wuhan city
After a new strain of the corona virus (Covid-19) spread heavily The Western media have raised a great fanfare for the virus that originated from animals in one of Wuhan's fresh markets. Hubei province, central China

But the reports of Chinese and Japanese media may change the perception of Western media. Because studies have found that a new species of corona virus originated elsewhere Various positions But began to spread after being brought to the market

If speaking clearly as reported by the Eastern media It seems that the new species of coronary virus does not have its origins in China as is being understood. But may have originated from a giant power in the other side of the world like "United States"


The Chinese research team concluded "Covid-19 virus" originated outside of China.


Chinese medical researchers have collected genome samples of a new species of corona virus in China. And concluded that this strain of the virus did not originate in the Hunan seafood market But there are various sources that cannot be identified

Chinese media such as the Global Times reported (22 February) referring to the study of Chinese researchers. Which indicates that a new species of corona virus may begin to spread between humans to humans from other areas since late November onwards.

The above study, published through ChinaXiv, a freely available source of scientific research Given that a new type of corona virus was introduced to the market and spread quickly because there are many close contacts.

Chinese researchers who study using genetic data analysis methods Infection source And the spread of the new species of corona virus Which is being isolated from variation from patients with new strains of the coronary virus (Covid-19) throughout China

The study assumes that the first patient of the new strain of the coronary virus (patient zero) spreads the disease to the workers or vendors in the market. Which is crowded of crowds that are conducive to transmitting infection to customers Leading to widespread outbreaks in early December 2019

Medical agencies and "Chinese intelligence", therefore, is quickly and broadly finding the origin of a new strain of the corona virus. By collecting nearly 100 genetic samples from 12 countries on 4 continents, including screening and mutation

Researching genetic samples from many countries Causing Chinese experts to believe that the outbreak of a new species of corona virus "Begins much quicker than expected", probably from November or shortly after the end of the Wuhan Military Games.

For this reason, a group of Chinese experts concluded that, like the Japanese researchers, "The new species of corona virus does not originate in China. But was brought to China from outside the country. "By Zhongshan San, a famous respiratory disease expert Repeat this issue on January 27.

"Even a new strain of the corona virus or Covid-19 Will be discovered for the first time in China But does not mean that it originated in China ... it originated elsewhere in another country. "

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