How to do it! "Knowle", an avid football fan, suggests that the Premier League should decide.

Knowles Gallagher, an avid football fan of "The Blues" Manchester City came out for an interview with Talk Sports, the world famous sports media. Regarding the situation of the English Premier League after the suspension due to the problem of the spread of the coronary virus (Covid-19).

The organizing team plans to return to compete at the central court at Wembley and prohibit football fans from entering. And there will be 3-4 games per day, per day which fans can watch only via live broadcast

However, the former singer of the band Oasis. What do you think the "Reds" Liverpool team leaders should be the champions after scoring as many as 82 points from 29 matches played, leaving Manchester City, second in the crowd. To play less than 1 game to 25 points by asking for only 6 points, will guarantee the championship immediately.

"After all, they will win the championship. The organizing team should give them the championship. I think we should start looking at their plans for the next season. The important thing about football games is football fans. I don't agree with the idea of ​​playing without fans. "

"I don't care if there will be up to 6 games to watch per day, even though having a lot of games to watch like that will improve the detention at home. But my friends, who are football fans, say that they will gather in front of the stadium anyway. "

"I think the Premier League Should think about the competition next season What to do for football fans to see on the field. Liverpool are now almost at the championship. They should give away the championship. But the only problem right now is about relegation Including the lower league as well. "Knowles Gallagher long cast

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