"Ta Ta Natthaphon" dancing again. But the drama still collapses This time was very critical.

Although there are various criticisms But it does not make the female protagonist Ta - Natthaphat Temirak give in on the other hand. She is still determined to practice dancing and upload clips via Instagram happily.

Most recently, Tae Nattaporn has released a new dance performance. With her still being confident Combined with the strength that Put it fully into every movement and movement of the music until the fans clap together.

But this event will not fail. The drama has risen again When there are some groups of netizens who aren't quite happy Have come to comment on various criticisms, some say that it looks like it is too effortless, not fluttering, not as cute as before, rae * every day or the charm of the original heroine disappeared

However, there are still another group of fans who come in to comment to encourage Ta Ta Natthaphon by saying, "Beautiful. I like it very much, both performing and dancing. Don't care, Khun Taew. "


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